Homelessmess is a tragic but very real part of our society. One of our nurse specialists and founders, is an award winning nurse who has worked with our vulnerable homeless community for half a  decade.


We  support the organizations providing help and facilities to the  homeless community with food, clothing, warm overnight items, feminine products and health checks and clinics in homeless centre's across our demographic.


We were founded by Veterans and all have lived experience of the area's we cover. Veterans Connect offer events dedicated to Veterans, training and assistance in all matters for life after a miitary career.

We don't just signpost to other organisations and walk away we are with you and will be all the way. Veterans are all lifelong members of a brotherhood and we value that.



Our motto as an organization is "Stronger Together". We take this literally, we work with many charities and groups. We share strategies and learn different approaches. Veterans Connect has one aim, and that is to help every vulnerable  person that we can.

We are Stronger Together, we will work as a team with our partners and we will complete each mission one day at a time. 

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"Stronger Together"
Tel: 07368183509
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