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Liz Blakemore

Senior Matron.

I'm Liz Blakemore 45yrs old, I am a senior nurse working in a prison. Prior to my prison role I worked on the community and in the hospital.

My passion is helping people especially around wound care and palliative end of life. I have been nursing for 14yrs, prior to this I was a health care support worker and bar maid.

I have always lived in Stoke On Trent and have raise 2 boys.

I gave an interest in walking which I enjoy taking my dog on long adventures, going the gym and meeting up with friends and family. I love listening and helping people, so when I met Eric and he explained about what he does within veterans connect and the homeless, I could not wait to help and support.

People always ask why I work in prison or help people like the homeless, my answer is we are all 2 paychecks away from becoming home and it is easy to take the wrong path so listening to people who are homeless or in prison has helped me even more to want to help people more.

Liz Blakemore
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